Top 15 games with the most beautiful martial arts fighting mechanism of all time

Top 15 games with the most beautiful martial arts fighting mechanism of all time

For those who love beautiful martial arts or breathtaking action scenes, these are the games not to be missed.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action, role-playing game released in 2019. With the promise of being "twice the difficulty of Dark Souls", Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has not disappointed anyone in the village. a unique gameplay, depth and most importantly the perfect combination of storyline and enchanting gameplay.

At The Game Awards 2019, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was honored to receive the best game award of the year by the jury panel. Thus, 10 years after the birth of Demon’s Souls, From Software is once again honored with their products. Inheriting and fully promoting the quintessence of the legendary Dark Souls line, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has really created a new turning point for the action, role-playing genre.


The main focus of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is still extremely challenging gameplay. The game requires gamers to have experience and skills, similar to the predecessors Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

With the success of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it can be seen that the world's gamers still spend a lot of love and passion for high difficulty games. Games in the form of "instant noodles" - easy to play, easy to win, absolutely still not rivals.


Dynasty Warriors 9

With the application of the open world genre in Dynasty Warriors 9, Koei Tecmo will now give fans a free and extremely attractive game. In addition to the basic skills of the character, players can freely use external factors to create advantage in the game.

It can be said that Dynasty Warriors 9 will give you the feeling of a true hero, when alone can defeat thousands of troops. Naturally, as a classic slashing game, the battle mechanism in Dynasty Warriors 9 is extremely eye-catching. With many different characters and weapons, Dynasty Warriors 9 is truly a super performance of the art of fighting.


Total War: Three Kingdoms

One more game taking the Three Kingdoms theme appears in this list. Although Total War: Three Kingdoms is basically a strategy game, the RPG elements of the game make you truly immersed in a real martial arts world.

In addition to the extremely high quality duels of the generals in normal mode, you can absolutely choose Dynasty Mode to experience more than the beautiful martial arts combat mechanisms. To put it simply, Dynasty Mode of Total War: Three Kingdoms will give you a game mode similar to "Dynasty Warriors 9". You will play the immortal heroes to describe the conflict between hundreds of thousands of enemies.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War 


Middle Earth: Shadow of War is the sequel to the first Shadow of Mordor game released in 2014. With monumental graphics, addictive gameplay and extremely engaging storyline, the game has been introduced. Professional praise incessantly. In the game, players will stray into a vast but harsh world of great writer JRR Tolkien, players will play Talion and Celebrimbor - the soul sharing Talion's body - during the construction process. , recruit, develop army to fight against Sauron.


Code Vein

The content of Code Vein will revolve around the battle between The Revenant - those who possess special powers but in return must constantly drink blood to maintain life and The Lost - strange creatures wandering around on a Earth in the post-apocalyptic period. The game is built on an anime-style graphic with beautiful characters without blemishes, not to mention possessing unique transformation abilities.

The fighting style in Code Vein is built with many inheritance of Dark Souls, the most obvious is the "difficulty" of the game when players will face extremely difficult monsters.

In addition to constantly evading attacks, players will also have to pay attention to the special attacks of the Boss, remember carefully the movements of the Boss to expect to respond in the match. Of course, the difficulty of the game is pushed higher meaning that players can create more new ways to fight new bosses, bringing their own characteristics.


Nioh 2

In 2020, it is not difficult to answer and ask: What is the most difficult and challenging game? Naturally, it's Nioh 2, the action-packed, role-playing game from Team Ninja.

The setting for Nioh 2 will be set in 1555 (45 years earlier than the original version). Players will play Hideyoshi, a half-yokai half-demon hunter.


In a fierce battle with the cruel enemy, Hideyoshi stepped into a dangerous situation when he could not control the yokai's power in his body. During an emergency, Hideyoshi was saved by an NPC named Toukichiro. The character tells Hideyoshi about the mysterious Soul Stones, which can help Hideyoshi communicate and control the yokai's power in his body.

From here, an exciting and dramatic adventure begins. In order to collect the mysterious Soul stones, Hideyoshi will travel all over Japan, meet with many people and also have to fight many evil enemies.