The truth about expensive mink coffee cup

The truth about expensive mink coffee cup

Ferret coffee is known as a luxurious, expensive drink only for the upper class and connoisseurs of coffee. However, the truth behind it made many people shed tears.

Ferret coffee, also known as Kopi Luwak is a very special type of coffee, is classified as "extreme" in the coffee world and is also the rarest and most expensive beverage in the world.

It is considered luxurious coffee for the upper class thanks to its unique and differentiated way of creating coffee beans.

Weasel coffee is coffee beans collected in the faeces emitted by Indonesian ferrets.

Few people know that this expensive coffee has a long history dating back hundreds of years before around the beginning of the 18th century, the Dutch brought coffee trees into their colonial countries including Java and Sumatra islands of Indonesia.

"Kopi" in Indonesian means coffee and "Luwak" is an area of ​​the Indonesian island of Java and the name of a civet residing here.

Kopi Luwak is used to refer to a seed that this civet eats coffee berries and then emits.

The painful truth about expensive mink coffee cups

Ferret coffee is the most expensive drink on the planet thanks to its special production.

Ferrets are small mammals scattered throughout several Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and southern China.

Their favorite food is berries, so they often climb on coffee trees and choose to eat the most ripe red berries.

But their stomachs only digest the outer flesh of the berries so they release the beans and their droppings.

People here will collect manure mixed with coffee beans of this civet, then clean and then roast coffee beans to make drinks.

Those who have experienced this type of coffee commented that mink coffee has a particularly delicious taste compared to other common types of coffee.

A mink coffee cup blends of many flavors. It is described as having a very attractive, sweet, "moldy" smell like syrup, with a rich and faint taste of caramel and chocolate, bitter but very pleasant.

The painful truth about expensive mink coffee cups

Ferret contains coffee beans to create a premium drink, which many people desire to enjoy once.

The obsession behind delicious coffee

For coffee connoisseurs, Indonesia's Kopi Luwak tastes better and the price is therefore higher. One kilogram of Kopi Luwak costs about 1300 USD (20 million VND).

However, of the tens of millions of tons of raw coffee cherries worldwide, only about 700 kg of natural mink coffee and when processing the finished product, only about 200 kg remain.

Therefore, in order to increase production of this expensive mink coffee, for profit, many manufacturers have indiscriminately hunted wild ferrets, through artificial breeding methods to promote them to produce more fertilizer. more, thereby resulting in more weasel coffee beans.

But ferrets are like other animals used to living in the wild, preferring to be free.

Therefore, when people are trapped in a small cage, thick, cramped, frustrated and dirty, they will become irritable, disturbed because of action and even lead to a hunger strike.

These ferrets must live in terror, not eating healthily.

This nightly omnivore was almost mentally tortured, relentlessly gnawing on his limbs, until he could no longer bear it, became ill and died.

The painful truth about expensive mink coffee cups

Many ferrets were squeezed out of labor and died off.

The painful truth about expensive mink coffee cups

Their lives are encapsulated in the cycle of eating and discharging, discharging and eating.

The painful truth about expensive mink coffee cups

They are imprisoned in prisons like this.

However, it is a painful fact that the production traders completely ignore all of this, in their eyes only paying attention to how to make them as much manure as possible.

Their way of doing it also means condemning a life without mercy to the weasels imprisoned in prisons.

Late call for help

The merchant Tony Wild has been bringing the mink coffee brand into the West since 1991.

After appearing on the television show of US MC Queen Oprah Winfrey, the mink coffee product has become familiar to consumers around the world.

Realizing the ruthlessness of greedy profits from this product, Wild has launched an advertising campaign, persuading consumers to stop consuming this type of product.

He said: "The increasing demand for this product has increased the price of the product, which makes the weasel being illegally arrested, deprived of freedom, forced to eat coffee berries. too much to be able to mass produce coffee, I regret that my discovery had led to a cruel business based on such animal abuse. "

A number of Western countries have also started a boycott of the "Weasel Coffee".

After some people understand this truth feel sad and sad for the fate of the ferrets encountered.

The mink scrapes madly in an iron cage and haunts the truth after expensive mink coffee - Photo 14.

Some countries are calling for a boycott of weasel coffee to be taken Save the poor weasels.