Review Hitman 2: Make the world your weapon!

Review Hitman 2: Make the world your weapon!

First of all, I was just a fan of a bald guy for about a year here when I was prompted by the director to play reboot Hitman (2016), which gathered all the essence of the series in it.

That's why in order to judge Hitman 2 fairly and get a little bit of hate - because the family villa was completed a few years ago, then after playing the game I also took the time to review all the videos of old games to learn more about this legendary stealth action game. So what did I finally learn after playing and watching people play? Check it out and leave your comments in the comments!

When the lazy manufacturer changes

If I want to use a word about this version of Hitman 2, I absolutely will not hesitate to say a word, that is "lazy". Lazy here means the manufacturer has hardly made any changes or created anything more significant at all, the character AI is still illogical like the previous parts, the map has changed a few However, looking somewhere, I still feel a bit like the first part, the weapons system and toys are the same, there is a gun to shoot darts and a suitcase to hide the gun ... In general, IO Interactive is a manufacturer. I'm lazy to ignore the things of the previous version and upgrade it to a little bit. If you've ever played through, you will find that even the cut scenes now turn into stop motion rather than the spectacular movie or Prologue to guide the beginners from being surprised, it is just as bad as Hitman. 2016.


One small but not commendable calculation point for IO Interactive is that they decided to integrate the World of Assassination system, that is, if you have owned the previous Hitman version, you will be able to play. old screens on the Hitman 2 platform in the form of DLC, this is also a way to make money for gamers if anyone who has not had the previous version can spend a lot of money to be able to experience the world of assassins more most perfect. In addition, IO Interactive has created a new game mode called Sniper Mode, for gamers who like assassination with aiming guns and can play with their friends if they like. According to the Game, these are just a few small changes and absolutely do not significantly affect the game.

If only that, Hitman 2 would receive many bricks and stones from the player, fortunately IO Interactive this time has meticulously elaborated the graphics of the environment and the characters. The environment is sharper and the colors look brighter than the previous Hitman version. You can be overwhelmed by the modernity of Miami, the slurry of the Mumbai slum or the majestic natural landscape of the Colombian hills and mountains. In addition to the well-done environmental landscape, the characters are also more vividly elaborated than previous versions. You will clearly see the details of each character's face. Especially this time the producer also invited Hollywood actors to create and voice the character, currently only Sean Bean in the Village of Villages becomes the first villain in the Exclusive Target system, the characters who else's unknown object will use the image of?

The play still maintains its form

The tradition of the Hitman series has always kept the criteria to create a perfect death for the target. Means the more natural death, the player is undetected (if detected, the evidence must be erased) and must assassinate the right target, the right person in the wrong way, absolutely do not kill civilians. That is the criteria that made the name of this killer game series. Hitman 2 still maintains the aforementioned style and put many details in a game screen so that the giver has the most ways to defeat the target.

With the slogan Make the world your weapon, Hitman 2 has brought a real world, where you can perform a perfect assassination. The manufacturer is like giving you all the ingredients, and processing it into a fast food or a party is up to you. If you have enough basil, you can hold the gun to discharge the enemy as instructed how to make Rambo in Hitman 2 that the Game experienced, but if you are a ginger literature lover and consider assassination is also an art. For a mass performance, you can still create your own events and then chain them into a perfect murder plan to finish off your prey. For example, creating fake evidence then using the wood-moving technique to borrow the hands of another assassin to destroy your enemies, for example. And above all, you can create a new game screen, with assassins like no other, as long as your goal is as garlic-like as a dreadful game of a young man in the video below.