Learn about Kamado Tanjirou: The main character in Kimetsu no Yaiba

Learn about Kamado Tanjirou: The main character in Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kamado Tanjirou is the main character of Kimetsu no Yaiba. In order to hunt down the demon who killed his family and turned his sister Nezuko into a devil, he joined the Demon Slayer and became a Demon Hunter.

Personal information

Birthday: July 14

Gender: Male

Age: 13 (First appearance) - 15 (Current)

Height: 165cm (5’4)

Hair color: Burgundy

Eye color: Dark red

Appearance of Kamado Tanjirou

Tanjirou was a teenager with burgundy hair that brushed backwards, dark red eyes and a large scar on his forehead. He wears long rectangular earrings with a sun symbol and a black haori with a pattern of black and green patches, and a standard Demon Hunter uniform.

He carried a wooden box on his back, where Nezuko rested during the day.

Kamado Tanjirou's personality

Tanjirou is very kind, being described by others as having very gentle eyes. He is determined and will not give up once he has a goal to achieve, such as finding a cure for Kamado Nezuko. Although he is quite strong, he has never refused the help of friends when needed. He is always determined to protect his friends, even keeping the absolute safety for Nezuko. His most characteristic is the ability to empathize with anyone, including demons. This made him often hesitant to kill demons.

Over the years, faced with many incidents and accumulated experiences, Tanjirou has gradually grown up and become more assertive in his decisions.

Natural ability

Smell senses: Tanjirou had a keen sense of smell before he underwent swordsmanship training. It was sensitive enough for him to smell the 'intermittent thread' - the slightness of the enemy's movement - and discern the smell of the species, as well as their position. After the training, he could smell emotions as well as track objects, people and demons in a wide range.

Fighting talent: This ability of Tanjirou was pointed out by Tomioka Giyuu in their first encounter. Tanjirou cleverly devised a plan to attack Giyuu by intentionally showing him that he attacked him without a weapon in his hand, but actually he secretly attacked Giyuu with the ax that had been thrown into the air earlier. .

Unsurpassed health: After training, Tanjirou has tremendous strength and speed, he has proven its great use (like jumping double his height).

Demon-killing seal: Tanjirou activated his mark during the battle with Gyuutarou, located right on the scar on his left forehead. The imprint is shaped like a flame, helping to increase the strength, speed, endurance of yourself and the sensitivity of the senses.

Seeing the world: In the battle with Akaza, Tanjirou acquired this ability. While in "seeing the world" state, he can see through the muscles and blood vessels of the enemy, predict the enemy's attack direction, eliminate weapons and increase the speed of the copy. body, allowing him to easily access and cut off Akaza's head when combined with the Fire God Dance.

Breath of Water (水 の 呼吸 Mizu no kokyū)

He was taught by Urokodaki Sakonji, who was once a Water Head. With the Breath of Water, the user can increase the amount of oxygen in his blood by controlling his breathing, increasing his strength and agility before the demon. Tanjirou now learns to concentrate fully at all times, increasing basic strength, speed and endurance.

However, Tanjirou thought that his body was not suitable for the Breath of Water, so he could not refine it to the point of virtuosity.

First Form: Water Abyss (壱 ノ 型 水面 斬 り Ichi no kata: Minamo giri): A single powerful slash.

Second Form: Water Abyss (弐 ノ 型 水 車 Ni no kata: Mizu guruma): Tanjirou jumped into the air and spun his body with a slash.

Second reformed version: Hoanh Thuy Xa (弐 ノ 型 ・ 改 横 水 車 Ni no kata kai: Yoko mizu guruma)

Third Form: Liu Liu Yu (参 ノ 型 流 流 舞 い San no kata: Ryūryū mai): Tanjirou swings his sword towards his opponent, mimicking the movement of waves on the water.

Fourth Form: Đã Triều (肆 ノ 型 打 ち 潮 Shi no kata: Uchishio)

The fifth consciousness: Can Thien Tu Vu (伍 ノ 型 干 天 の 慈 雨 Go no kata: Kanten no jiu): A "slash of altruism" that kills the target without causing pain. Use when the enemy surrenders.

The sixth consciousness: Oa (陸 ノ 型 ね じ れ 渦 Roku no kata: Nejire uzu): Tanjirou spins his upper body and lower body, creating a vortex that cuts whatever is in it.

Sixth Form: List of Oa ・ Liu Bei

The seventh final: Ba Van Suoc (漆 ノ 型 雫 波紋 突 き Shichi no kata: Shizuku hamon tsuki): A quick and precise stab. The fastest technique in the Breath of Water.

The seventh final: Ba Van Suot ・ Song (漆 ノ 型 雫 波紋 突 き ・ 曲 Shichi no kata: Shizuku hamon tsuki - kyoku)

Eighth consciousness: Lang Ho (捌 ノ 型 滝 壷 Hachi no kata: Takitsubo): Tanjirou cuts the target vertically.

Ninth formula: Water Flow and Rattling di Unlimited transfer. Very useful when fighting in a place with no firm foothold

Tenth Formula: Born and Deliver the Lưu ノ ​​型 生生 流 転 Jū no kata: Seisei ruten?

Fire God dance (ヒ ノ カ ミ 神 楽 Hinokami Kagura)

Taught by Tanjirou's father. A type of breath, which is a scapegoat dance passed down through the Kamado generations. The Fire God dance consists of twelve different dance steps, Tanjirou has applied these dance steps for combat purposes.

Yu Yu (円 舞 Enbu): A single powerful slash.

Vien Vu Nhat Thiem (円 舞 一閃 Enbu issen): By transmitting air through the whole body then focusing on the legs to launch them all with one slash.

Inflammation (Vũ 舞 Enbu): A technique that starts with a vertical slash and then a horizontal slash.

Bich La Thien (碧羅 の 天 Heki-ra no ten): A technique similar to "Water Away", Tanjirou spins his body to create a 360-degree slash.)

Japanese Dragon Ball Dragons (Vận の 龍 ・ 頭 舞 Nichiun no ryūkaburimai): An attack combined with Nezuko's Blood Release, Tanjirou's sword turns red and is covered in flames. While in this state, he surrounds enemies by simulating a fire dragon, slashing them multiple times and eventually finishing them off.

Retsujitsu kōkyō (烈日 紅 鏡 Retsujitsu kōkyō): Tanjirou unleashes two horizontal slashes to protect him from attacks before him.

Huy Nhat Nhat Hong (幻 日 虹 Gen’nichi kō): Tanjirou uses this technique to hide himself in spinning techniques. It works best against enemies with good vision because they will attack the illusion rather than your real body.

Fire Remote (asha Kasha): Tanjirou uses this technique at the same time as Huyen Nhat Hong to attack enemies while they are distracted.

Inflammation of the Yangzi (飛輪 陽 炎 Hirin kagerō): A single attack with a sharp blade.

Shikakotsu en’yō (灼 骨 炎 陽 Shyakkotsu en’yō): A round slash that protects him from direct frontal attacks.

Yang Hoa Punching (陽 華 突 Yō katotsu): <no information available>

Ta Yang Transforming the Body (斜陽 転 身 Yayōtenshin): <no information available>