Learn about Agatsuma Zenitsu: The most muddy of the Devil Slayer

Learn about Agatsuma Zenitsu: The most muddy of the Devil Slayer

Agatsuma Zenitsu (我 妻 善 逸 Agatsuma Zen’itsu) is a demon slayer swordsman belonging to the Demon Slayer. He is a companion of Kamado Tanjirou and is also one of the main protagonists of Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Personal information

Birthday: September 3

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 164.5 cm (5’4 ″)

Hair color: Yellow, Black (Formerly)

Eye color: Gold

Agatsuma Zenitsu's appearance

Agatsuma Zenitsu is a teenager with short blonde hair, golden eyes and bushy eyebrows. He wore a standard black demonic uniform with a yellow haori with small white triangles.

Agatsuma Zenitsu's personality

Agatsuma Zenitsu is a timid person who constantly claims that he will not be able to live much longer due to his dangerous work of becoming a demon-killing swordsman. Zenitsu also loves girls and always falls for girls whom he thinks are cute, asking them to marry him so much that it makes others uncomfortable.

Zenitsu is shy

Despite his low self-esteem, constant fear, crying and running away, he still wants to live up to the expectations that others have put in him. He stated that he wanted to live a peaceful life, where he could be helpful to everyone.

Agatsuma Zenitsu respected and admired his teammates, especially with his late mentor, Shihan. When Zenitsu became serious and focused, he virtually eliminated the shyness of his being and fought a completely different personality.


When Agatsuma Zenitsu was a child, he was deceived by a woman and was forced to carry an extremely large debt. During the crisis, he met Grandfather (Kuwajima Jigorou - (former Ming Dynasty), who saved him from a difficult time.

Zenitsu and Mr. Kuwajima Jigorou

He decided to train Zenitsu to become a swordsman to kill demons with his great disciple, Kaigaku. On a tiring day of practice, Zenitsu hid on a tree because he felt he had disappointed him, suddenly a bolt of lightning struck him, causing his hair and eyebrows to turn yellow.

Kaigaku hates and despises Zenitsu, but Zenitsu respects and considers Kaigaku like his brother. Wishing to fight alongside Kaigaku, he invented a new consciousness of the Breath of Thunder, called "Fire God".

Natural ability

Sensitive hearing: Zenitsu has a sharp hearing, giving him the ability to detect dangers from sound, including the tiniest sound. Zenitsu's hearing was so good that he could still hear others while he was sleeping, he could hear the sound of blood vessels, heart rate and easily distinguish the sounds of both humans and demons. He can also hear other people's feelings and emotions through his hearing.

Unconscious fights: Zenitsu can fight even while sleeping. Whenever he was in danger, his fear of exceeding his limits made him unconscious. While sleeping, Zenitsu can use its swordsmanship based purely on instinct. However, as he gradually experienced many difficulties and dangers, Zenitsu gradually improved both his skills and courage over time, so he became less and less dependent on this ability.

The power of Zenitsu

Fighting talent: His fighting talent is shown by Kuwajima Jigorou who is also his Guru. Although he was only able to learn the first consciousness of Thunder Breath, he honed it to the peak of its peak, when he could use it many times at the same time without any problems. In addition, he also created a sword formula for himself.

Extremely high speed: Zenitsu is one of the fastest swordsmen of the Demon Slayer, he possesses an extremely high movement speed and extremely flexible reflexes. Like when he drew his sword to cut off the blade of an extremely fast and accurate demon. Especially when he was using Fire God, his speed was described as completely out of consciousness.

The Breath of Thunder (雷 の 呼吸 Kaminari no kokyū): Zenitsu is taught by the former Emperor, Kuwajima Jigorou. This technique helps increase the power and speed of users before the demon. There are a total of six sword techniques that can be used with the Breath of Thunder, but Zenitsu can only use one of the six forms, arguably the simplest. Later, he created the seventh Fire God Form, a sword form for himself.

The Most Popular Calendar ・ Lu Lien (壱 ノ 型 霹靂 一閃 六連 Ichi no kata: Hekireki issen: Roku ren): Zenitsu launches the Most Popular Calendar Poster six times in a row, greatly increasing the speed and approaching the enemy quickly, it even shook the whole space and made a tremendous thunder strike.

The Most Popular Calendar-Bat Lien Thermos

Unsurpassed ・ Shikigami calamity (壱 ノ 型 霹靂 一閃 神速 Ichi no kata: Hekireki issen: Shinsoku): Zenitsu can use this technique to further increase the speed of the Unified Period Causes him to move at an extremely fast speed while increasing his slashing force significantly.

- Seventh consciousness: Fire Spirit (漆 ノ 型 火雷神 Shichi no kata: Honoikazuchi no kami): A sword created by Zenitsu. When using his body, he became glowing with the aura of a fire and thunder dragon, giving him the ability to move at an extremely high speed, which can be used to slash the first new Emperor Huyen Luc Kaigaku first. when he is aware of what is happening. Zenitsu admitted that he created this sword technique with the intention of fighting alongside Kaigaku.

His last name, Agatsuma (我 妻) is one of the common surname in Japan, literally "my wife". There are many ways to read this family, such as Azuma, Wazuma, Wagatsuma, and one of them can also be read as "Gasai", like Yuno Gasai's name in Mirai Nikki.

Zenitsu's name (善 逸) means "to be honest and honest".

In a broadcast of Kimetsu no Yaiba, Gotouge stated that his name is pronounced [Zenitsu →] with the syllable "suu" stretching instead of emphasizing "zen" [Zen ↑ itsu].

Zenitsu's hair was initially black, but after he hid on a tree during training, he was struck by lightning and his hair turned yellow.

The height and weight of Zenitsu are 164.5cm and 58kg respectively.

Zenitsu comes from Ushigome-ku.

His hobbies are playing hanafuda (a traditional Japanese card) and sugoroku (a game that children often play on holidays).

His favorite foods are sweets and expensive dishes.

Zenitsu ranked second in Kimetsu no Yaiba's first favorite character survey.