Hitman 2: Sniper Assassin

Sniper Assassin is a game mode featured in HITMAN™ 2. Similar to Hitman: Sniper Challenge and Hitman: Sniper, Sniper Assassin missions place Agent 47 upon sniper nests overlooking large maps, with the objective to eliminate all main targets and as many guards as possible.

As a series' first, the game mode features online co-operative multiplayer, exclusively featuring two new playable characters, Knight and Stone. Each playable agent, including Agent 47, has a unique sniper rifle each mission with differing Mastery progression.

HITMAN™: Sniper Assassin was a standalone game offered as a pre-order bonus for HITMAN™ 2, those who pre-ordered received instant access to a standalone client that featured a single mission, The Last Yardbird. The client was later discontinued and absorbed into the full game upon release; as such, later additions to the Sniper Assassin game mode (such as new maps or weapons) were not apparent in the standalone version.