First impressions Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: New wine bottles are not as good as the ads

First impressions Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: New wine bottles are not as good as the ads

Despite being advertised in genres like the open and immersive world, the fact that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is still just a "new shirt" performance is not different.

As the next game in the Dragon Ball universe after the success of Dragon Ball FighterZ launched in 2018, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot was introduced to bring a new gameplay to the series, which is familiar with the duels. normal.

This game is labeled as action, role-playing and the world heard very majestic, but after a few hours of experience, the Game saw Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is like a new bottle of old wine, when it is almost cemented. the gameplay is familiar and only adds a bit to the plot - which is originally the same as the original manga. 

The gameplay in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is almost no different from the previous versions that you are familiar with, it is still the 1 vs 1 battle between the two characters with kicking, hitting, gliding and flying, which we are all too familiar with. Each character will have 4 powerful attacks, such as Goku is Kamehameha or Piccolo is a spiral attorney, they need Ki to use and be unlocked according to the story or when the character level up.

Players can charge themselves by letting the character stand still, a good point of the game is that Ki's moves cost very little and they have almost no cooldown, i.e. if you like you can Kamehameha's continuous shooting is okay. But of course it also has a weakness, the stronger the moves, the more it will have to stand still, not move, so it should be calculated a bit.

Attack speed in the game is quite fast, when you can surf or jump to enemies in a blink of an eye to enter the attack range. However, the combination of combos is not very smooth, because we can not connect the strong attacks continuously in normal attacks, when the character is forced to fight all the punches to launch the move, if will not have to stop a beat quite country.

The difficulty of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is not high, because the enemies in the game are quite weak, not to mention the amount of HP regained. Moreover, in their attacks there is a fairly long delay, you can choose to support and press the jump button to dash behind the counterattack or use Ki to knock away enemies. Perhaps the game focuses on flashy effects rather than challenging the player, so unless it is AFK to remove the handle, it is almost impossible to lose.

The enemies in the game will be the characters that Goku encounters just like the manga, starting with Raditz and then with Vegeta, Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu ... You can also switch between other characters during the game, as well like a number of crowded battles, there will be coordination, but generally it does not create a highlight too breakthrough as expected.

The role-playing and open world of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is also relatively, you can build relationships with the supporting characters in the game to unlock hidden bonuses during the game. Collecting ingredients, cooking, hunting and treasure hunting are also quite good, but generally no one plays Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot because of all that, fighting is still worth it. most concerned about.

In general, after a few hours of experience, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot can be called a good game for those who love this manga and want to experience it from the beginning, but for fans looking for a way. new play or something different, maybe Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is not very satisfactory.