Plot Final Fantasy VII Remake - Part 1: Conspiracy of Shinra and the ghost of Sephiroth

Plot Final Fantasy VII Remake - Part 1: Conspiracy of Shinra and the ghost of Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII Remake begins when the Avalanche team raids the Shinra Energy Corporation No.1 Mako reactor.

Chapter 1: Bombing the Mako Reactor No. 1

The story begins with the spectacular image of the industrial city Midgar with a series of sky chimneys from the Mako reactors. At night in a dark, dark alley, the flower girl, Aerith Gainsborough, was sitting and feeling the green energy coming from the broken pipe. However, before she can understand who she is, people are transferred to the scene of Cloud Strife and members of the rebel group Avalanche breaking into the No.1 Mako reactor through a freight train. Avalanche members involved in the bombing of the Mako reactor include Jessie Rasberry, Biggs and Wedge, all commanded by Barret Wallace, a rude, rough-hearted man who likes to stand on morality to criticize others. proved unconcerned with Shinra Group's destruction of the environment.

Cloud is a former member of SOLDIER, but now he only works as a mercenary, so after Barret explained a lot of ethics, the only thing the sharp-haired guy cared about was the rent for this job. In the process of defeating the soldiers to enter the center of the reactor, Jessie, Biggs and Wedge, in turn, tried to talk to release goodwill, but Cloud coldly replied gingerly and proved very distant. and not too fond of chatting with others. At this point we also know that Cloud seems to be obsessed with something in the past. He often suffers from headaches, often seeing a man with long silver-white hair appear to say incomprehensible things (Sephiroth) as well as seeing a certain village with a water tower and a pinwheel. wind (Nibelheim).

In fact, the attack on Avalanche's Mako reactor was not as secretive as they imagined because in reality, all the actions were observed by Shinra Group's surveillance cameras in the first place, but the chairman was. plot should order the Heidegger captain name to monitor not intervene. Back at the Avalanche group, Barret begins to lecture on the group destroying the works of the Shinra Corporation in order to protect the Planet and Cloud still in a cold mode makes him mad. At the center of the reactor, when he placed the bomb, Cloud continued to suffer from a headache but quickly recovered. After setting up the bomb, Cloud and Barret are blocked by the Scorpion Sentinel, forcing them to destroy it. On the way to escape, Cloud has a heroic opportunity to save the beauty when helping Jessie who is being crushed on a leg by a concrete slab.

You have some time for the rat and the bird to listen, but it doesn't last long because the bomb will explode in nearly 20 minutes. They got into the elevator to go outside when the bomb exploded but, quite funny, was enough to break a piece of steel from the machine. However, the No. 1 Mako Reactor collapsed because President Shinra ordered employees to activate heavy destructive weapons from inside the factory. It turned out that this was their main purpose knowing Avalanche had broken in from the beginning but didn't care at all. Back at the elevator, Barret was a little embarrassed because he was extremely nervous and the mercenary was still in a cool state in cool mode. Next is the cut scene of the reactor exploding, causing the surrounding area to be seriously destroyed.

Chapter 2: Fateful encounter

While in the Barret tunnel, he asked Jessie why the bomb's destructive power was stronger than expected when he saw the nearby rubble works, but the little girl did not know and said she only followed the instructions in the book. Upon reaching Sector 8's commercial area, the group listened to the Shinra Emergency Operator Center's loudspeaker warning that the residential area surrounding the No.1 Mako Reactor had been seriously damaged, while announcing the submission. emergency situation in Sector 1 and Sector 8. When they see the scene of the ruined city around them, both Jessie, Biggs and Wedge feel regret for what they did while Barret uplifted the people, that what they do is to protect the Planet. They then decided to go to Sector 8 station to take the car back to Avalanche's base. Taking a short walk, Jessie stopped Cloud to give him a Healing Materia as a thank you for helping her. (The sky hears again)

Running after Jessie to the train station, the explosion of the explosion caused the road to collapse so Cloud had to find a different direction. As he watched the burning buildings, the illusion of the burned Nibelheim village reappeared with Sephiroth. When confronting each other, Cloud tells the silver man that this is impossible because he is dead, his hand killed him. Sephiroth only replies that it used to be a thing and now is the present. He then begins to say the Planet is dying, the planet pleading for Sephiroth to deliver its cry for help to Cloud. Sephiroth was babbling about some things, but at this point the pointy-haired young man had started to get angry and drew his sword. Before disappearing, he tells Cloud to live to keep the hatred in your heart.

Stepping out of the dark alley, Cloud will meet Aerith who is staggering drunk in the streets, seeming to be attacked by something invisible. Sephiroth is like a broken soul, appearing to say that Cloud is too weak and weak to save anyone, not even saving himself. Strangely, when Aerith stood in front of her, the headache of the former SOLDIER disappeared. She asked him if he was okay and gave Cloud a beautiful yellow lily. But at this moment Aerith begins to be attacked again, Cloud is touched by her and he can see what is ultimately attacking the prostitute. They are now surrounded by gray-white ghosts, but apart from Cloud and Aerith, no one else can see them. Obviously because Shinra's Public Security surrounded the two of them just talking to Cloud, not caring about the souls that were flying around.

Aerith flees, and Cloud fights the soldiers. Despite defeating many of them, Shinra's reinforcements were so overwhelming that Cloud was forced to retreat and he eventually decided to jump off the bridge to the high-speed train below. On the train, after a short chat, Cloud asked everyone about the ghosts they had just encountered. Jessie speculated that it might be Shinra's new weapon, but Barret thought that Cloud was just panicking. Also on the bus, many of the conversations of Midgar city residents and Shinra Group employees were heard. Most people think that Avalanche's behavior is terrorist and it does not bring anything good but destruction and serious social disturbance. Barret was furious so he started going to the classroom to protect the environment for them, but to no avail.

Chapter 3: Dear slum

Upon getting off the train at Sector7 station, Barret meets Cloud at the 7th Heaven bar, where the ex-friend of the former SOLDIER, Tifa Lockhart, is working as a manager. On the way to the bar, Cloud meets a resident criticizing the Avalanche group, a small illusion and ghosts reappear but no one seems to be able to see them. In front of the bar, the sharp-headed man saw Tifa and Barret's young daughter, Marlene, waiting. At this moment, he handed out the yellow lily of the lily that Aerith gave him to "hand over" to Tifa. When asked by the bartender, when did a brat like Cloud know how to buy flowers for prostitutes, he would only respond neatly for 5 years, everyone would be different. After the greeting, Cloud wanted to know the wages for his intrusion assistance, but Tifa said he should take a look at the nearby apartment block, where he would rest tonight and talk about the money later.

Here instead of getting 2000 gil of wages, she can only pay the mercenary with 500 gil. Tifa explained that Avalanche's group spent most of the money on equipment purchases for the mission, so that's all but now she also promises to go around collecting money to pay Cloud all tomorrow. Before going to sleep, Cloud hears a strange sound in a room next to the wall, goes through it to find out what is wrong, he sees Sephiroth appear again. While struggling the image turned to the masked people covered in the same place, the mouth kept muttering "Reunion". When Cloud wakes up, he sees a man dressed like the image just now lying on the floor, his torn sleeve revealing the tattoo of the number 49. Tifa says this guy named Marco, he has been staying A few days ago, although a bit bizarre and sick, Marco did not harm anyone.

The next day when he wakes up, Cloud goes down to see Marle, the owner of the boarding house, she warns him if he wants to do anything in this slum, but he dares to look at Tifa, be surprised because Marle considers the liquor girl. like my grandchild. Back at the pub to meet Tifa, she asks Cloud to help me change the water filters for the shops here to make money. Cloud protested because he was a mercenary and not a salesman, but Tifa said it was the fastest way for her to collect the money she owed on her debt. After a final struggle, the pointy-haired youth still gave in and helped her to sell water filters to the business owners in the surrounding area. In fact, in the slums of Sector 7 there is much more to discover than people think especially the businessman Chadley. After resolving a few things here, the two will return to the 7th Heaven bar.

Barret wants to meet in Avalanche's group but doesn't want Cloud to join, so he has to wait at the bar. In order to comfort his friend Tifa made Cloud some special cocktails to sip while the rebel group meets. A few moments later Jessie arrived, during the hearing of her siblings who vaguely said that Tifa was not really interested in joining Avalanche. Waiting for a while, Tifa stepped up from the secret tunnel, obviously she wasn't very happy and we will know why. Tifa approves of Barret's point of view that Shinra is doing harm to the Planet but she dislikes the way Avalanche goes bombing bombs everywhere. The party sits quietly and Barret arrives to tell them that they do not need Cloud to participate in the next mission and invites the mercenary to leave the bar because of the need for private space to talk about work. Jessie also came to apologize for this, she likes having professional support people but this is everyone's decision.

Going out of the bar, Cloud is stripped by a gang of conspirators, already angry that he is being ignored from Avalanche's new assignment, he teaches them a lesson then returns to the apartment to see Jessie waiting by the door. Once again, it was boring, but at least worth the conversation because Jess gave the rare Ifrit Materia the mercenary. Of course, in return for this gift, Cloud agreed that he would meet Jessie tonight at Sector 7 train station.