What to wait for Onimusha when Ni Oh is available?

What to wait for Onimusha when Ni Oh is available?

Ni Oh - Japanese samurai style action game by Team Ninja is becoming increasingly attractive.

Previously mentioning the game team of Team Ninja, the gaming community immediately thought of a master of the tight-action action game genre with the famous Ninja Gaiden series. But since the disastrous defeat of Ninja Gaiden 3 in 2012, people only remember this studio through the fighting series Dead or Alive bold "sticky meat".

But the next product that Team Ninja is cherishing for the PS4 - Ni Oh seems to express the desire to reaffirm their level. Published since 2004 but quickly disappeared afterward, it was not until the Tokyo Game Show 2015 last year that Ni Oh reappeared with a completely new look.

Through first impressions, Ni Oh is like a mix of Onimusha in ancient samurai style fighting against the evil and Dark Souls in action play that requires extreme concentration. Characters can easily perish after only a few hits from an enemy, so dodging and defending are two crucial factors. Finally, the identity of Team Ninja is reflected in this game through moves that are both lightning-fast and graceful as well as equally brutal - a feature noticeable in the previous Ninja Gaiden series.

Recently, Team Ninja has just launched a gameplay that has been shown secretly at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 to keep the community of gamers watching, in which viewers can see the combat mechanism built with promises of afternoon