Review film "Bloodshot": The full start ... bad luck of the new superhero universe Valiant

Review film "Bloodshot": The full start ... bad luck of the new superhero universe Valiant

Bloodshot stops at a pretty action movie title, entertaining but not yet clearly showing the superhero element and personality of the main character.

Besides the battle between the two superhero universes DC vs. Marvel, then another brand of action superhero comics is also trying to "attack" on the big screen, which is Valiant and the first movie title Bloodshot.

Produced by Sony, Bloodshot is hosted by rookie director David S. F. Wilson, with the script scripted by Jeff Wadlow (Truth of Dare, Fantasy Island) and Eric Heisserer (Arrival, Bird Box). The film also possesses an extremely good cast, from the male lead Vin Diesel to the new-generation action beauty Eiza González. However, the audience should not be too expecting a full-time, suffocating first adventure because Bloodshot only stops at a temporary action product, while the "superhero" element is not possible. show clearly.

Regarding the original storyline, Bloodshot marked the debut of the character of the same name, whose real name is Ray Garrison (Diesel) - a talented marines who were unfortunately assassinated and witnessed his wife die. Thinking that he had permanently left the world, but then Ray was a brilliant group of scientists "revived", became a transcendent individual with the same power and ability to recover, but also to Wolverine. must be wary. From there, he set out to take revenge, but is everything really easy and perfect?

In order to comment on the linearity of the film, the audience can imagine the directional parabolic diagram, which means that Bloodshot has integrated a pretty sharp twist right in the middle of the film - a rather risky detail. And that risk has made the rest of the story expensive, when exactly like a mountain, the time from the beginning of the movie to the twist, and from the twist to the end is quite slow and easy. boring. Besides, the ending of the movie does not bring a grand final match, but it is in the "anti-climax" way - details easily found in some superhero movies that have been rated quite bad recently. like Captain Marvel or Dark Phoenix.

With a big technology-oriented studio like Sony, of course the skill is always the point that makes any movie product becomes eye-catching and attractive. Bloodshot is no exception, when the fierce battle scenes in the film are built dramatic, majestic that anyone can enjoy it when they enjoy it. As an action actor, Vin Diesel knows how to lead and show the deadly punches, and at the same time shows the "cool" true quality super soldier elite.